Alumina Silica Sleeving 1365°C

The Alumina Silica Fibre Sleeve is a boron-free alumina-silica fiber that is composed of”Al2O3 (alumina) “and “SiO2 (silica)”, that are commonly known as representatives of stable metal oxide materials. No other imaterials are included in the sleeving but alumina and silica.

The yarn is made out of polycrystalline filaments whose crystal type is gamma alumina and amorphous silica. This type of material manages to provide excellent flexibility and strength without “B2O3 (Boron)” because of the fine filament diameter, which is offered in 7-10 micron diameter.

The yarn used for the braiding is made up of thousands of continuous and strong filaments that gives it excellent flexibility and allows it to be readily transformed into various textile forms such as woven fabrics, braided sleeves, tapes, ropes and sewing threads without the aid of any other organic fibers or metal fibers.

This silica fibre high temperature sleeving offers good chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and electrical insulation properties. At present, there is growing interest in the alumina-silica filament yarn for use in a wide range of applications, in high temperature environment.